COFFEE EXPORT Y CIA S EN C CI is a family business devoted to the commercialization and export of coffee in all its diversity. With more than 20 years of experience in the selection of the best quality coffee beans, today we are amongst the top 15 bigger private coffee exporters in Colombia. The thresher, located in Neiva, Huila (Colombia) has all the necessary technology for the benefit, selection and classification of any type of Supremo or Excelso, with approximate production capacity of 16,000 bags per month. Our interest is to continue acquiring international recognition for providing a high quality coffee in preparation and cup profile.

Mision Statement

Our mission is to market and provide high quality Colombian specialty coffee, finest and fresher flavors to both domestic and international market. In order to comply with this we rely on high-tech equipment required for the benefit, selection and classification of any type of Supremo, which guarantee we are able to fulfill all international export standards.

Corporate Vision

With our commitment towards quality and satisfaction, by 2015 we want to become the number one exporter of coffee on a regional level and be part of the 10 most recognized companies in the sector in Colombia. We want to make a difference in the Colombian coffee industry through continuous improvement of our internal processes in order to ensure stronger relationships with the international market for Colombian coffee.

Our Shareholders

Since we are a family business, the share stake is equally distributed and absolutely all of its members belong to the same family. For 2011 Coffee Export conducted a market capitalization with the purpose of increasing the paid up capital by 50%. Currently it is divided into 180,000 shares with same par value.

Organizational Structure