Colombia has a diverse group of coffee origins, with Northern and Southern regions staggered in the crop cycle. Thanks to the characteristics of its soil, Colombia is fortunate to produce a unique coffee in its variety of Arabic, a fact which has been recognized with a higher price per pound, or larger differential with respect to others.

In Coffee Export we strive to offer the best beans to always assure the complete satisfaction of our consumers. For that matter we don’t only have the required technology and skilled human capital, but also processes and standards that are met at all circumstances.

Café Excelso (grano verde)

It comes in different preparations categorized according to grain size / mesh (granulometry) and its region (southern Colombia and the Department of Huila):

  • Supremo
  • Excelso Europa (European Preparation)
  • UGQ (Usual Good Quality)
  • Acevedo
  • Garzón
  • Suaza
  • Nariño
  • La Plata

Cup Profile

For several years we have been exporting quality coffee to countries in Europe, USA and the demanding Japanese market, with the aim of providing final consumers the highest quality coffee available in Colombia. Carefully selected beans make our excelso highly competitive among other producers of Arabica coffee in the world.

Our cup profile has been developed using 100% coffee from our region, beans from different municipalities of Huila department. We offer a cup with “character” being a “Special Blend” where every corner brings a portion of this enriched region to each and every one of the features in a cup.

Finally it is important to highlight that the coffee from Huila is becoming one of the most desired worldwide, a fact confirmed by the competition “The Cup of Excellence Colombia 2011” where the department participated with 70% of the top 10 coffee winners in Colombia.

Inferior Beans and By-products

very small or imperfect beans that do not meet the requirements for export. They are sold to the National Industry (National and small roasters):

  • Pasillas
  • Ripio
  • Consumos
  • Chorreados
  • Cisco


In recent years we have expanded our portfolio to diversify our risk and strengthen our brand regionally and internationally. For this we are offering:

  • Parchment Purchase Service
  • Nationwide Threshing Service
  • Certified Truck Scale
  • Coffee Warehouse Service, Certified by Almaviva



Our suppliers are located in very specific areas in both, Huila and Cauca (States in the south of Colombia). They have the following characteristics: with crops that range from 1,500 to 1,800 meters height above sea level.

  • Crops that range from 1,500 to 1,800 meters height above sea level.
  • Rich Soil
  • Crops with natural shadow
  • Farms with International Certification: Utzkapeh, Organic Coffee, Rainforest.

Geographically, Huila has outstanding conditions for producing an aromatic coffee, with pronounced fragrance, high acidity and good body. Moreover, our suppliers differentiate from others by their careful drying process and profit, which indicates the result of healthy coffee, without contamination.

Quality Control

The raw material (parchment) is delivered at The Thresher (Trilladora Mercedes), from different southern areas of Huila. Before it is accepted, it must undergo a process of analysis in the laboratory where qualified cuppers determine their physical conditions and cup profile.

Once accepted, the parchment coffee is stored in the warehouses of Coffee Export where the threshing process starts, resulting in Excelso.

In order to pursue this transformation the company has the most advanced technology for both, threshing and selection of beans as well as highly skilled staff through the whole process with the aim of ensuring an extraordinary product.

Finally, green beans are stored in bags of 70 kg and then, following all safety regulations established by BASC and CE, they are submitted to the port (Cartagena or Buenaventura) where it is shipped to any part of the world.